Post Presidential Election Lessons.

Posted 2 years ago

The reality of our four years from now.

Election and electioneering process, could best be described as the period and process involved in the selection and voting into office, candidate of various political parties, and individual into various capacities, and platforms.

This is said to take place,usually after each and every four years, under our modern democracy, as it is the case with our country Nigeria and very many countries of the world, come and gone is the term, we can ascribe to our last week, presidential poll which took place across our dear nation Nigeria,with different political parties and candidates, all competing for the number one citizen of our nation, all crystal to only two contenders and parties,the ruling party (apc) and the main opposition party the people Democratic Party (pdp),and behold we had a winner as against all odds,

After,this years election,we shall be facing the same circumstances in the next three to four years, where political parties, we be arming with their various candidate for various platform,and manifesto, all brandishing to sell them to us, we the electorate, and we shall have a choice to make as usual,

From today's now,to the next four years, you must have add another four years to your numerous years, which is a time enough for significant change in your life, individually and cooperatively, now comes a big question that awaits all of us, what will your four years be like for you, prosperous,retrogressive, or stagnant???

You are presented with three obvious options above, the choice expressively is yours,take a step and make a move, as tomorrow might be too late, now is the time to act,as time await no one, life is a choice,make that choice today!

Aondongu Emmanuel

Aondongu Emmanuel
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I am a professional content writer of all kinds, base in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria


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